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Here’s another of my recent crochet dolls I got around to photographing – this one I made for my younger daughter, so she’s a keeper too.  I tested out attaching a flower headband with this one and I think she turned out pretty cute – I’ll need to work on the technique a bit though before using it on one I give away.  Anyway, hope you like her!



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What is amigurumi you ask?  It’s basically japanese crochet doll making – usually little dolls, using a little crochet hook.  For some unexplainable reason I decided about 6 months ago that I MUST learn to do this, and so here we are… meet, June:


I’ve really loved learning to make these – it took some trial and error using patterns I found around the web and mixing and matching and adjusting to get to the specific look I was going for with these dolls, but once I perfected it, I’ve been making them as much as I can (which really is only about one per month).


I’ve only photographed this one, but more will be coming!  I decided I should start taking their pictures since I really do love them all, but, let’s be honest, what do I need these for?  They make great gifts, so off they go, with just their photos to remember them by.  This one I made for one of my daughter’s, though, so she’s a keeper.  I’ve given a few away and have about three in progress for friends having babies this year, so I’ve got plenty to keep me busy.


I love trying new colors and styles for the clothes – it really is a great creative outlet and I love making something with my hands.  Graphic design is fun, but it’s different than REALLY making something, ya know?  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics and if you’d like any tips or technique info, give me a shout!


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