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As co-room mom for my daughter’s class this year I’m helping plan the Halloween Party next week (yikes!).  Lots of parents are pitching in, but I’m doing some favors and a fun little game for the kids to participate in during the party, using candy corn as “witches vitamins”.


I just used an old peanut butter jar and dumped a bunch in, stuck on a label and printed out some guessing cards so everyone can join.  Whoever guesses closest gets to take the whole jar home (much to their mother’s dismay, I’m sure, haha).  I counted them all as I put them in so I don’t have to deal with it on the day of the party – in case you’re wondering there are 247!


Finally, I made treat bags using little plastic bags from Amazon, printed out some tops and stapled them on.  All in all it took me one afternoon to print it all and get them stuffed and labeled – not bad!  And since I already had all the paper and bags, it pretty much only cost me $10 worth of candy corn (the jar took about 1 1/2 bags, and 23 little bags took about 3 1/2 bags).  Done and done.

witch3Follow the links below if you’d like any of the printables:

Jar label

Guessing game cards

Bag tops


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crayons4On my quest to find something non-candy to give out to my daughter’s preschool class for Valentine’s Day, I came across a TON of adorable ideas, but the heart crayons stuck out, not just because they’re cute and would be a fun project, but because we had a gigantic plastic bin full of broken crayons that I had no idea what to do with – problem solved!  So I assembled the necessary tools:

…and set to work.  First we peeled off all the paper  – warning: this can take a while, luckily most of ours were already peeled, and my daughter oddly enjoys this, so she did most of the work.  I have heard that if you soak them in water though, it’s much easier, so I’ll try that next time.  Then we separated them into piles of similar colors, and then if they weren’t already small enough, we broke them a bit more to fit into the mold.


Then we stuck them in a 250 degree oven for about 15 minutes, let them cool, and popped them out.  Done!  One note though – some brands of crayon we had (the ones that were non-Crayola) did NOT want to melt, even after 25 minutes in the oven.


I had to end up mushing them up with a knife and sinking them into the other melted crayon, so for the 2nd batch I made sure to chop those up EXTRA small so they would at least sink in better, even if they didn’t melt.

Finally, I made some favor bag tops on card stock and stuck them on the top – totally cute, and Ally is especially excited that she gets to give everyone something she made.  I’ll be doing this one again for sure – I’m already thinking about pumpkin shapes, christmas tree shapes, shamrock shapes… the possibilities are endless!


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