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We made our annual trek to Half Moon Bay today to go to the mythical and glorious pumpkin patch.  I say mythical because pretty much every year before this has been a disaster – one year Ally got car sick… twice.  The next year our car broke down in the middle of Pumpkin Festival traffic.  The year after that it was pouring rain, and the year after that it was freezing, foggy and the girls were grumps the whole time.  Fast forward to this year and taa-daa!!!  We FINALLY had the pumpkin patch trip I always imagined!  We left bright and early to avoid traffic and were literally the first people there, which was 100% fine by me – I am SO over crowds while lugging kids around.  It was bright, sunny, not too cold, and we had the first pick of the pumpkins, bouncy houses, petting zoo and pony rides.  The lighting was a bit harsh to get totally perfect pictures, but I ended up with a few decent ones if I was able to get the back-light just right.  Our friends and their two boys joined us which made it pretty much the best pumpkin patch trip EVER according to Ally, and I have to say I completely agree.

Chris_2 Colin_1 pumpkinpatch_5And… Heaven forbid we don’t have a silly face picture, I present to you… Paige, who’s favorite part of the day was “the rocks”… umm, okay.



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decorate tree2

 By far, my favorite thing about Christmas is listening to holiday music and decorating the tree, each ornament like it’s own little gift tucked away in tissue paper that conjures up memories of Christmases past.  This was the first year A. could really help, and she loved it, oohing and ahhing over almost every one.  Of course any that were remotely pink, purple or sparkly were instant favorites.

decorate tree1

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where is my child?

Oh, there she is… lying on the floor in the corner of the dining room – duh.IMG_5425

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time keeps marching

How does time keep moving so fast?  In July I had determined to write blog posts more often, and now here I am, it’s almost 2013 with not one post having been written.  Thinking back on the previous six months, I supposed I can rationalize why that’s the case – here’s what our little family has been up to for the past six months:

  • I ran the SF 1/2 Marathon!  First time ever and beat my goal time of 10 minutes per mile by a whole minute!  I’m so glad I did it and am just waiting for the opportunity to get my butt in gear and do another.  (Sorry the picture is bad – it’s from an iPhone and turned out a bit wonky, but evidence is evidence!)

Yes, I wore my Kate Spade glasses through the whole thing – what?

  • We remodeled our house – I’m talking the real deal.  We tore out walls, added stairs, completely gutted the kitchen and dining room, and added a bathroom.  Next up – the 2nd floor!

Cabinets are going in!!! Better than Christmas!!!

  • I tackled the difficult and emotional decision to leave my job to stay home full time and made it through to the other side.  I haven’t left my job yet, but will be in a matter of weeks.  More on that later…
  • A. started her 2nd year of preschool and turned 4!  How on earth did my tiny baby get so big??
  • Likewise, P. FINALLY started walking and just uttered some of her first words, so I guess that makes her officially a toddler, which means I need another baby.  Stat.

Proudly sporting her Panda hat at the Giants game (woo-hoo!) and on the flip side, proudly scarfing down a banana muffin – pay no attention to the bed head.

Overall we’ve had an incredibly blessed year with everyone continuing to be happy and healthy.  We have a roof over our head – and a new kitchen to boot!  So now I think I’m ready to get this 2013 party started – but first up… Christmas!

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