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Thankful Tree


This is our second year doing a Thankful Tree and I am absolutely in love with the meaning behind it – showing children how your tree gets covered day by day in things to be thankful for until at last it is completely full.  Last year I drew a tree on paper and we stuck the leaves on with glue, but somehow it wasn’t quite as satisfying as placing the leaves on an actual “tree”.


Both the girls and I are liking this version better, and it’s actually a lot easier (no artistic skills required!).  We just gathered some sticks from the yard and placed them in a vase and voila, done!  I have a leaf paper punch that I used to punch out red, orange, yellow and brown leaves and then made a loop with twine to hang them on.


So far my 4 year old is thankful  for Barbies, Crowns, Fairies, and (thankfully), me, her sister and her dad.  I try not to guide her in what types of things to be thankful for because, to be honest, I love the fact that she is thankful for fairies – these years don’t last long 🙂


I’d love to hear about what you do for your thankful tree!


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