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I made these little Halloween tags to have on hand for little favors and treats, not really knowing what I’d use them for, but they’ve come in very handy!  I just printed off one page of twelve labels and used some to send photos to family, and a few for some baked goods we brought to neighbors.


All-in-all, pretty useful to have around.  Print them on card stock and punch a whole, or print onto label paper and stick them on anything you want.  Printable is here!


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As co-room mom for my daughter’s class this year I’m helping plan the Halloween Party next week (yikes!).  Lots of parents are pitching in, but I’m doing some favors and a fun little game for the kids to participate in during the party, using candy corn as “witches vitamins”.


I just used an old peanut butter jar and dumped a bunch in, stuck on a label and printed out some guessing cards so everyone can join.  Whoever guesses closest gets to take the whole jar home (much to their mother’s dismay, I’m sure, haha).  I counted them all as I put them in so I don’t have to deal with it on the day of the party – in case you’re wondering there are 247!


Finally, I made treat bags using little plastic bags from Amazon, printed out some tops and stapled them on.  All in all it took me one afternoon to print it all and get them stuffed and labeled – not bad!  And since I already had all the paper and bags, it pretty much only cost me $10 worth of candy corn (the jar took about 1 1/2 bags, and 23 little bags took about 3 1/2 bags).  Done and done.

witch3Follow the links below if you’d like any of the printables:

Jar label

Guessing game cards

Bag tops


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We made our annual trek to Half Moon Bay today to go to the mythical and glorious pumpkin patch.  I say mythical because pretty much every year before this has been a disaster – one year Ally got car sick… twice.  The next year our car broke down in the middle of Pumpkin Festival traffic.  The year after that it was pouring rain, and the year after that it was freezing, foggy and the girls were grumps the whole time.  Fast forward to this year and taa-daa!!!  We FINALLY had the pumpkin patch trip I always imagined!  We left bright and early to avoid traffic and were literally the first people there, which was 100% fine by me – I am SO over crowds while lugging kids around.  It was bright, sunny, not too cold, and we had the first pick of the pumpkins, bouncy houses, petting zoo and pony rides.  The lighting was a bit harsh to get totally perfect pictures, but I ended up with a few decent ones if I was able to get the back-light just right.  Our friends and their two boys joined us which made it pretty much the best pumpkin patch trip EVER according to Ally, and I have to say I completely agree.

Chris_2 Colin_1 pumpkinpatch_5And… Heaven forbid we don’t have a silly face picture, I present to you… Paige, who’s favorite part of the day was “the rocks”… umm, okay.


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